Easy like never before.

From 12 to 1

New adhesive weights on a roll as an alternative for the numerous discrete weights simplify material management and reduce complexity. Even profile variations or color options are now easy to recognize. This is the future.

Intelligent like never before.

Stay flexible, decide smart

Specifically developed dispensers transport the weights automatically to the balancing station and cut precisely to the required weight. Thanks to the intelligent modularity of the dispensers, every customer can decide how to best integrate the process in his production line. Retrofits are also easy to realize. Simply perfect.

Economical like never before.

Who saves wins

With a capacity for 500 wheels per roll, the dispenser WA 500-1 saves about 50% of space compared to the manual pick-by-light system. The dispenser WA 2000-1, designed for large scale production, only requires 2/3 of the space of ordinary work stations.

Fast like never before.

12 seconds make all the difference

Highest efficiency and reliability: 12 seconds is the max. time the fully automatic wheel balancing station needs to apply the correct weight in the right position. Compared to manual balancing, this means up to 40% time savings and at the same time a substantially reduced error rate. A quantum leap.

Precise like never before.

Always right, automatically

With the new dispensers, full automation of the balancing process is possible for the very first time. With the support of a robot, balancing as the production bottle neck can be eliminated and the application quality can be increased to new levels. Balancing 4.0.

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