NEW Automation for balancing weights

Process optimization and reduction of the cycle time are the key words of the modern factory and process planning in the automotive industry. With the new automation solution from WEGMANN automotive we help you to improve the work flow for all aspects of wheel balancing to increase the manufacturing volume and reduce the cycle time. The automatic feeding system of the weights – whether for rolls or for weight segments – reduces complexity, increases the productivity and ensures a higher output. This helps to avoid unnecessary errors and the processes

will run smoothly and benefit from our patented processes. One robot head supplies the weight precisely on the rim and applies the optimal pressure to the rim radius through the application of the OEM approved HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT weights, you can combine well-proven and publicly tested quality of the end products with an innovative and flexible production method. We will help you also with the storage, order and installing of our system, we are able to integrate all processes with your individual existing processes.
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