Winner of the WEGMANN automotive chocolate cake competition with certificate and prize.

Chocolate cake day - WEGMANN automotive selects winners

Chocolate cake competition at WEGMANN automotive - Who bakes the best chocolate cake?


The 27.01. was the “chocolate cake day”! We at WEGMANN automotive also celebrated it and asked ourselves the question: Which department bakes the best chocolate cake?

The WEGMANN automotive innovation team organized an internal chocolate cake competition between the departments. Each department that wanted to participate had to provide a baker and a tester. The departments involved were: IT, e-commerce, design and development, maintenance, purchasing, TPMS and customer service. The task was to bake a delicious chocolate cake. An Amazon voucher worth €50 was waiting for the winner as an incentive. 

But good taste alone was not enough in order to win. The testers had to rate the chocolate cakes in five categories. How creative is the baker? Does the chocolate cake stimulate to bake? How juicy is the cake? And not to forget, of course: How chocolaty is the cake? 

Eight departments took up this sweet challenge and presented their best chocolate cake. During the lunch break, the various chocolate cakes were presented to volunteer testers and evaluated by them. Everything was there: From the classic version of the chocolate cake to juicy brownies to the modern version in the form of a chocolate cheesecake. In order not to falsify the results, it was of course not announced which department had baked which cake. After intensive testing and evaluation - sugar shock included - the winner was determined: The team from “Construction and Development" department is the proud winner of the WEGMANN chocolate cake competition! And what happened to the chocolate cake leftovers? For the pleasure of the remaining WEGMANN automotive employees, they were served for dinner. 

About WEGMANN automotive GmbH

With a production volume of more than one billion parts per year, WEGMANN automotive is the leader in the world market for balance weights designed for use in passenger cars, freight vehicles, buses and a variety of industrial applications. The company is a supplier to all the big names in the automotive world as well as to the leading spare parts retailer organizations in America, Europe and Asia.

WEGMANN automotive is a member of the Wegmann Group, which also includes Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Schleifring. The Group, which is based in Munich, has a global workforce of more than 5,500 employees. 

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