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Interview with apprentices: merchant in e-commerce

Our e-commerce apprentice, Philip Zürn, reports on his previous experience at WEGMANN automotive.


Since September 2018, WEGMANN automotive has been training upcoming talents as a merchant in e-commerce. During the practical phases of the three-year apprenticeship, apprentices in e-commerce gain comprehensive insights about the specialized areas of online trading at WEGMANN automotive. Philip Zürn is our first e-commerce apprentice and he is ready to answer a few questions. Let's see what he has to report after his first four months of training as a merchant in e-commerce.


Why did you decide to train as an e-commerce merchant?

E-commerce is a very vibrant, future-oriented sector in which a lot is happening at the moment. There are many innovations, many trends. I find that very exciting.


And why at WEGMANN automotive?

WEGMANN automotive is the world market leader of an attractive industry. And during the interview I was impressed by the modern and innovative appearance of the company. The atmosphere during the interview was quite relaxed and I liked the fact that people talked openly and honestly with each other. The direct feedback at the end of the meeting was particularly positive.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

The nice thing here is that there is no typical working day. The e-commerce department is divided into different areas such as online marketing or marketplace management. As an apprentice at WEGMANN, you are not assigned to a fixed area, but you help wherever something is needed. This makes working at WEGMANN very varied. Typical tasks as an e-commerce merchant include maintaining websites, optimizing search engines, managing marketplaces and working with SAP. In addition to this, there are many meetings you can attend. That's great to get an insight of different topics.


But you're not only in the company, you also have to go to professional school. How often do you attend professional school and what subjects do you study?

That depends on the apprenticeship year: I’m in my first year of apprenticeship. I always attend professional school for one week after have been working for two weeks in the company. My main subjects include "processes in e-commerce", "commercial management and control", "operational basics and processes" as well as "contract and project management". In addition, there are general subjects such as German, subject-related English and social studies.


What do you particularly like about WEGMANN automotive?

I particularly like working independently. I get my own tasks and I can manage my own time. In addition, the team is really great. You are warmly welcomed everywhere and you can always turn to someone if you have any questions or problems.


Thank you very much for the exciting interview, Philip!


Are you also interested in apprenticeship as an e-commerce merchant? You can find more information here.


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