Interview with apprentices: tool mechanic

Kai Wolz told us more about his work as an apprentice tool mechanic at WEGMANN automotive.


The fourth part of our report series "Trainees in Interviews" deals with training as a tool mechanic. In this apprenticeship you manufacture tools for industrial production plants. Precision work ensures that everything runs smoothly later in production. The tools are machined by drilling, milling or grinding until they correspond exactly to the specification. In an interview he told us what a typical working day looks like for him and what he particularly likes about WEGMANN automotive.


Why did you decide to train as a tool mechanic?

It was important to me to be trained in the craft industry. Training to become a toolmaker was a good choice because it offers many different jobs. I found that very appealing.


And why at WEGMANN automotive?

There was a lot that spoke for WEGMANN automotive. On the one hand, the company is the world market leader for balancing weights. I think learning from a world market leader is very promising. I was also very impressed by the fact that WEGMANN supplies OEMs. On the other hand, the employee benefits convinced me. For example, I got a smartphone with a suitable contract. And the canteen for the employees offers very good and healthy food at low prices.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

At the beginning of my training, I attended many basic courses and performed general activities. This created the basis for the second year of training, in which I was permanently employed on various machines. I was then allowed to work on orders independently. The tasks included the production of spare parts for tools or the production of workpieces.


But you are not only in the company, you also have to attend vocational school. How often do you attend vocational school and what subjects do you study?

Vocational school takes place as block lessons. I attend vocational school every two weeks for one week. The job-related subjects include production engineering, maintenance and components. There are also basic subjects such as German, English or religion.


What do you particularly like about WEGMANN automotive?

I particularly like the fact that all my colleagues are nice and open-minded. My trainer is very competent and I can learn a lot from him. In addition, it is a great advantage that the 5S principle is applied here. This is a method with which tools are always tidy and in the right place.


Thank you very much for the exciting interview, Kai!


Are you also interested in training as a tool mechanic? You can find more information here.


About WEGMANN automotive GmbH

With a production volume of more than one billion parts per year, WEGMANN automotive is the leader in the world market for balance weights designed for use in passenger cars, freight vehicles, buses and a variety of industrial applications. The company is a supplier to all the big names in the automotive world as well as to the leading spare parts retailer organizations in America, Europe and Asia.

WEGMANN automotive is a member of the Wegmann Group, which also includes Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Schleifring. The Group, which is based in Munich, has a global workforce of more than 5,500 employees. 

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