Our products

Our product groups balancing weights, valves, TPMS service kits, battery bushings and special weights are separated by brand and quality, but manufactured under one roof. Each brand stands for a specific product quality and a clearly defined product segment. Service is our focus:


Whether in development, production or packaging, all products are tailored to the special needs of our customers. In order to guarantee our quality standards at all times, we are always working on improving our production processes. German Engineering in perfection.

WEGMANN automotive is the leading supplier of balancing weights in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and AM (Aftermarket) business. Two out of three new vehicles manufactured in Europe use weights from WEGMANN automotive. WEGMANN automotive is also the leading manufacturer in the battery terminal market.


Robot arm holds balancing weight from WEGMANN automotive in hand.
Balancing weight from WEGMANN automotive on rim.
Parts of the RDKS Service Kit from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT.
Battery terminal of HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS.
Drive shaft on car.
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