Knock-on weights - perfect fit

HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT knock-on wheel weights in premium quality are made of a fine zinc alloy. The many available variants and grammages guarantee the best fit for every type of rim. In addition, the extra strong, cast-in retaining springs in accordance with the OEM standard ensure a firm fit in all load situations. 

Based on a special coating process, PERFECT EQUIPMENT knock-on weights are 100% coated with a closed powder coating layer. This reliably protects the weight and the rim against galvanic corrosion. Good quality at a good price - tailored to the needs of the workshop.

Adhesive weights - strong holding force

For use with car manufacturers, the OE adhesive tape from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT must meet strict criteria. The thicknesses of the carrier material is optimally adapted to any weight and withstands temperatures from -40°C to approx. + 250°C. Innvations such as the SPEEDLINER® adhesive tape promise residue-free removal and guarantee the highest adhesive strength with 50% time savings. 


PERFECT EQUIPMENT universal adhesive weights and rolls are ideal for discreetly balancing aluminium rims. The high-quality adhesive tape and good conformability make it easier to use in the workshop and ensure the best possible work results.

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