Our principles reflect the values we live every day and which also shape our products. Above all, they are based on an open and honest relationship with each other. We share the enthusiasm for our work, whether in manufacturing or administration. This enthusiasm can also be seen in our products. Their quality is what we are proud of. Our goal is to get better every day and actively tackle things. Everyone is allowed to take responsibility, develop ideas and contribute their achievements for mutual success.


We operate with open eyes.

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We are open and honest with each other. We speak plainly and do not hide anything from one another. We defend our point of view. There is no room for political games. We give clear and unambiguous feedback. We say what we do and we do what we say.


We delight our customers.

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We delight our customers – with our products, services and employees. We know what is important to our customers and what is not. We make our customers‘ lives easier with our products. With each product and service we are palpably better than the competition. There is no such thing as "can't be done".


We win and improve every day.

Standing still is moving backwards. We are open to new ideas and are constantly evolving. We learn from every mistake. We reward everyone‘s performance. There is no room for poor performance. We see problems as an opportunity and never give up. Only the best solution wins.


We live responsibility.

We are aware of our social responsibility. We treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves. We stick by the people who stick by us. Even in difficult times, we remain true to this principle. Our social responsibility does not stop at the boundaries of the company. We support selected social projects in the direct local environment.


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