WEGMANN automotive - Battery bushings

Battery bushings also belong to the WEGMANN automotive product world. Battery bushings play an important role for all types of starter batteries in industry. The HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS brand is our number 1 in the design, development and production of battery bushings - whether for cars, trucks, motorcycles or other special applications in Europe. All our battery bushings are produced according to strict quality standards. Thanks to strictly defined processes and regular checks, a consistently high quality of the battery bushings can be guaranteed. This also applies to all materials used. For our customers, this means that they can rely on WEGMANN automotive not only for their balancing weights. Our customers worldwide also value our more than 40 years of experience in the field of battery terminal sleeves and our focus on details for the most varied requirements and applications. Currently, the well-known manufacturers Johnson Controls (incl. Varta and Bosch), Exide, Mutlu, Inci Akü, Fiamm and Moll trust in our HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS quality.


Battery bushings from HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS are manufactured in a hybrid process including cold forming. The result is an extremely hard, highly compressed pole with a unique appearance and perfect undercut design. The rolled areas of the labyrinth and the self-sealing labyrinth rings (so-called undercuts) for shrinking the polypropylene ensure the optimum connection between the pole sleeve and the polypropylene of the battery cover. The labyrinth-shaped design of the battery pole sleeves ("advanced undercut") prevents acid and gas leakage.


In order to ensure the longest possible protection against oxidation and improved optics, the entire cone area of our battery pole sleeves is usually rolled. Thus our battery pole sleeves last a whole battery life. Whether car valves, RDKS service kits, special balancing weights, battery pole sleeves or other WEGMANN products - rely on our quality and you can be sure that you have made the right choice with our products.

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