Sustainability 2040

Sustainability is both a challenge and an opportunity, for us as a medium-sized company in the context of the automotive industry. In the past, we have already implemented key aspects that enable us to regularly address global challenges, our own requirements, and the expectations of our stakeholders.

The current focus is on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the contribution that WEGMANN automotive can provide actively to achieving these goals.

It is for these that we as a company can make the strongest positive contribution, and our sustainability strategy builds on this.

Employees and society - TOP Company in the region


Integrity and transparent business practices are the foundation of our sustainable and successful business operations, and every employee is committed to them. Compliance with working conditions and human rights, that´s beyond all question for us.

We provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and ensure that applicable occupational health and safety standards are at least met, if not exceeded.

We promote a learning culture of innovative learning in order to constantly develop and promote our employees.

Our corporate values are essential factors for our success in terms of daily cooperation and mutual respect, and we want to inspire as an attractive employer as a result. Diversity and equal opportunities are essential for this.

As a company with regional roots, we are proud to support selected sports, cultural and social projects in our local area.

  • We support selected sports and charitable organizations as well social institutions in our local area
  • Introduction of the WEGMANN automotive values for our employees to always be one step ahead together
  • Very strict compliance rules und code of conduct
  • A safe working environment with a very low accident rate
  • Creation of flexible working time models for our employees

Energy and environment - climate neutrality by 2040


Together with our customers, we are setting ourselves the goal of climate neutrality.

The focus is on CO2 reduction, considering the entire value chain. An essential step in this direction is to increase the share of renewable energy.

In addition to climate protection, our focus ins on reducing the environmental impact of our production an well as on environmentally compatible product design.

The certification of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and the energy management system in accordance with 50001 provides us with the basis for regularly monitoring and improving climate relevant factors.

  • Certification of our management systems – quality since 2004, environment since 2010, energy since 2015
  • Annual energy savings
  • Improvement of the CO2 balance at the location
  • Investment in photovoltaics
  • Company bicycles

Suppliers and resources - sustainable supply chains


Our suppliers play a key role in helping us achieve our sustainability goals, such as resource efficiency, compliance with legal requirements or reduction of CO2 emissions.

It is important that our business partners meet the same standards by which we measure ourselves and respect and promote values such as environmental protection, quality, and human rights.

The use of renewable resources, recycling and the minimization of environmental and health damage are important factors in the supply chain and are given high priority in supplier selection and supplier evaluation for WEGMANN automotive.

  • A high raw material recycling rate
  • Long-standing and reliable supplier portfolio with a high regional share
  • Dual Sourcing Strategy
  • Involving our key suppliers in our sustainability goals

Customers and Products - Innovative and Digital


Our leading position in global competition is based on our innovative strength and technical know-how.

To continue to maintain our lead based on the high level of standardization, latest production technology, continuous improvement and a global distribution network, the integration of sustainability goals is a foundation and investment for a successful future.

Digitization is a driving element for us to adapt to (global) changes (customer perspective) and to identify new potentials (technologies and markets).

  • First-time award of the location in 2015 as “5S Best in Class” by the Kaizen Institute
  • Top Innovator Award in the years 2014 -2016
  • Introduction of the WEGMANN automotive production system (WAPS) as the basis for an above average increase in productivity in recent years
  • Methods (Project Management, KATA, Hoshin Kanri)
  • Digital processes in all areas