HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS is the world market leader in the battery bushings market. We maintain long-term partnerships with our customers that are characterised by mutual trust and reliability. All big-name battery manufacturers rely on our quality and proven results. Battery bushings play an important role in almost all battery types – especially in starter batteries in the automotive industry.

Our HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS brand offers battery bushings to suit all types of vehicles. Whether passenger cars, motorcycles, medium and heavy goods vehicles or special applications – we have a solution for everything. Our HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS brand contributes to the success of your battery programme thanks to our many years of experience, our manufacturing know-how, commitment and patented technologies. Our customers have been placing their trust and confidence in our products since 1976. As a reliable supplier and expert partner in the field of battery bushings, we are always by your side.

HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS – Your Partner Worldwide

The brand and products of HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS are well-established all over the world. Several production facilities – including our headquarters in Veitshöchheim, Germany and near Nashville, Tennessee in the United States – serve our customers worldwide. Millions of battery bushings are exported every month from distribution centres located in Germany, China, USA and South Korea to countries all over the world. HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS is a brand of WEGMANN automotive. Looking for a comprehensive overview of the WEGMANN automotive product portfolio? In addition to market-driven facilities and services, the WEGMANN automotive product world offers exceptional product sales, excellent on-site support and first-class customer service. Interested in all things wheel-related, at a low price? Visit Perfect EQUIPMENT and browse our product range specially adapted for the workshop. Looking for products from our premium brand? Visit HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT to view all our products boasting top OEM quality and designed to fit perfectly.

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