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In addition to special tools for TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT also develops TPMS service kits, which include the right spare parts for the replacement of TPMS-sensors components. The needs-based equipping of the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT TPMS Starter Sets ensures an efficient stocking for workshops. As an innovation, our development engineers identified the most used service parts of the TPMS-Sensors and combined them in one service kit: the Universal Service Kit U1. As of 2014, all cars and motor homes in the EU must have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The rubber valve and the wear parts of the RDKS sensor (rubber seal, union nut, valve insert and valve cap) should be professionally replaced every time the tyres are changed, as should the balancing weights. A regular TPMS-Service guarantees a high degree of safety and reliability while preventing damages. The TPMS service kits from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT enable 100% coverage of all new European vehicles from 2014 - and that in OE quality. With us you can rely on the following advantages:


  • Maximum durability:

    Our quality seals guarantee maximum durability even under extreme conditions.

  • Latest corrosion protection technology: 

         The individual metal components are treated with the very latest corrosion protection technology. This ensures safety, helps               to effectively prevent malfunctions as well as larger and more costly consequential damage.

More information on tire pressure monitoring systems can be found on the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT website.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service Kits

Why Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service Kits are important? It’s because not only only the plastic valves but also the wear parts of the TPMS-Sensors (rubber seal, union nut, valve core and valve nut) should be professionally replaced in a workshop at every tire change. Only this regular TPMS-Service ensures a high safety degree and reliability while effectively preventing damages. The TPMS-Service is strongly recommended by manufacturers and professional organizations such as the ADAC. From a legal perspective, a functioning TPMS-System is even mandatory. According to the EU-guidelines 2014/45/EU, which are in force since 20.05.2018, a non-functioning TPMS-System is a significant deficiency in the general inspection. Until now the workshops always had to struggle with great challenges: To cover all sensors on the market. It was necessary to have a variety of different Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service Kits in stock. Furthermore the factor of choosing the right Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service Kits for the specific vehicle should not be underestimated. All this results in a high stock level and a lot of tied up capital for the workshop. In addition, the training of specialists in this complexity is time-consuming: Time that could be used for other work!

Our Solution:

The TPMS Universial Service Kit U1

As first manufacturer HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT was able to develop a universal TPMS service kit that is suitable for 97% of all metal valve stems of TPMS sensors on the market. Whereas many different TPMS service kits were required in the workshop to cover all sensors on the market, we were able to successfully combine the most used service parts in the TPMS Universal Service Kit. From now on there is no more difficulty in choice and application of the right TPMS service kits.

You can now easily and quickly identify the right spare parts for the Sensor-Service with the appropriate instructions of the TPMS Universal Service Kit U1.

All the TPMS Universal Service Kit advantages for the workshop at a glance:

  • 97% market coverage of all the metal valves and TPMS-Sensors
  • Universal solution for 36 different TPMS service kits
  • Cost reduction through the reduction of the variety of the TPMS service kit
  • Reduction of unused inventory
  • Simplified handling and application
  • Avoidance of revenue loss due to missing TPMS service kits

Find a summary of all the advantages of the TPMS Universal Service Kit U1 in one handy Flyer

to the Flyer TPMS Universal Service Kit U1

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TPMS Starter Set – The Special TPMS Service Kit

For an efficient workshop stocking, WEGMANN automotive has developed a special TPMS service kit with its premium brand HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT: the TPMS Starter Set. This set offers a wide range of all common TPMS service kits and is therefore ideal for the initial stocking. With this needs-based selection of TPMS service kits, your workshop will be able to cover more than 85% of all new European vehicles. 

TPMS Tool Kit – Perfectly Matched To The TPMS Service Kits

The TPMS Tool Kit for TPMS service kits also belongs to the WEGMANN automotive product range. With the 13 parts-set all the OE- and universal sensors can be serviced. A practical color code on the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT TPMS service kits and tools, ensures a quick and easy tool identification. In addition to this time saving, the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT TPMS Tool Kit offers a high level of error avoidance. The advantages at a glance:

  • Preset tools for all relevant torque values
  • Professional screw mechanism prevents overtightening of the components