Locations - Think local, act global

We are proud to be a regionally rooted company and at the same time a successful global player. True to the motto: Think local, act global. Customers worldwide trust in our products and services. Our global headquarters are located in Veitshöchheim, in the region of Central Germany. 

You can find an overview of our company locations here:

Germany - Headquarters

WEGMANN automotive GmbH
Veitshöchheim, Deutschland
Tel.: +49 931 32104 0
E-Mail: info[at]wegmann-automotive.com


WEGMANN automotive USA Inc.
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
Tel.: +1 615 893 0643
E-Mail: sales-northamerica[at]wegmann-automotive.com

West Coast Distribution
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Tel.: +1 602 633 2980
E-Mail: sales-northamerica[at]wegmann-automotive.com


Plombco Inc.
Québec, Kanada
Tel.: +1 450 371 0812
E-Mail: sales[at]plombco.com


WEGMANN automotive Brazil Ltda.
São Paulo, Brasilien
Tel.: +55 11 2923 1200
E-Mail: sales-southamerica[at]wegmann-automotive.com


Venjong Automotive (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
Kunshan, China
Tel.: +86 512 3662 0686
E-Mail: sales-northasia[at]wegmann-automotive.com


WEGMANN automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel.: +66 3522 6738
E-Mail: sales-southeastasia[at]wegmann-automotive.com