Perfect EQUIPMENT – All Things Wheel-Related

Represented on the European market since early 2013, Perfect EQUIPMENT offers a clearly structured product range that is specially adapted to the needs of the workshop. The range includes universal weights for almost all wheels as well as standard valves, tools and other accessories at attractive prices. We cover everything wheels-related for you: guaranteed quality, customer-centric approach, trade-optimised. Direct from Perfect EQUIPMENT!

Perfect EQUIPMENT offers short delivery routes and fast reaction times thanks to its international sales structure. Especially in Europe, we ensure fast product availability with our central warehouse in Germany. Local contacts on site in the most important markets strengthen customer service and facilitate quick and easy communication. Our in-house production of balancing weights means Perfect EQUIPMENT operates independently of competitors, allowing us to offer clients customisation options.

Perfect EQUIPMENT – Trailored to your Needs

Perfect EQUIPMENT’s high-quality packaging design with state-of-the-art product labelling is specially tailored to the needs of retailers and workshops. The focus is on rapid recognition of the most important information using an approach that is customer-friendly and optimised for trade. Type designation and grammage are therefore printed in capital letters on the label. The visual representation of the Perfect EQUIPMENT weight as well as the short descriptive text and article number provide accurate and unambiguous information regarding each type. Additional symbols for material, rim type, vehicle type and coating/colour provide further important details. Looking for a comprehensive overview of the WEGMANN automotive product portfolio? In addition to market-driven facilities and services, the WEGMANN automotive product world offers exceptional product sales, excellent on-site support and first-class customer service. Looking for products from our premium brand? Visit HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT to view all our products boasting top OEM quality and designed to fit perfectly. Keen to purchase from the market leader in battery bushings in Europe? Then browse the product range of HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS, the top manufacturer of battery bushings.

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