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As a family business in particular, we are aware of our social responsibility. This is why we support selected projects and organizations in our local area. We are proud to be a regionally rooted company and at the same time a successful global player.

True to the motto: Think local, act global. 

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Non-profit organizations

In the Zeller Straße in Würzburg, children and young people aged nine to 17 are introduced to IT-specific topics. For example, they learn programming or tinker with the hardware - from the individual parts to a fully functional computer including software.

The refurbished PCs can then be used by people in need.

We say thank you for the voluntary commitment - keep it up!

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Social Institutions

The self-help group for families of children with cancer and tumours, founded in 1983, became a non-profit association one year later: Elterninitiative leukämie- und tumorkranker Kinder Würzburg e.V. (Parents' Initiative for Children with Leukaemia and Tumours).

With the help of the donations, the association works in many areas, including:

  • family-friendly equipment for the three oncological children's wards at the University Children's Hospital in Würzburg
  • Facilitating the day-to-day running of the clinic by financing additional doctor and nurse posts
  • Financial support for families in need

We would like to thank the Regenbogen Würzburg ward for this extraordinary commitment and wish the affected families and relatives a lot of strength!

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In the Station Tanzbär of the Missioklinik Würzburg, severely multiply disabled children, adolescents and adults are treated and cared for medically and therapeutically - always according to the guiding principle of charity to which the Missioklinik is committed.

The focus of this integrative ward is on high-quality medical and nursing care that combines up-to-date specialist knowledge with mutual respect and acceptance.

Donations finance many recovery-enhancing services such as music therapy or additional medical staff not covered by the health system.

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The focus of the association Hilfe im Kampf gegen Krebs e.V. is always on people. The association helps patients with cancer and their relatives and supports them in regaining a foothold in their lives. The association is financed 100% by donations and voluntary contributions. With this support, Hilfe im Kampf gegen Krebs e.V. also realises projects in cooperation with the University Hospital of Würzburg.

Current projects of the association are

  • Pilot project for cancer patients
  • Financing of flats for relatives in Würzburg for the year 2021
  • Financing of an assistant doctor position for one year at the Medical Clinic II
  • Promotion of high-precision tumour diagnostics

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