WEGMANN automotive – Special Balancing Weights

In addition to balancing weightsCar valvesTPMS service kits and Battery bushings, the WEGMANN automotive product range also offers special balancing weights for every need. On request, we can also provide you with individual body weights for many automotive applications. Get tailor-made weights for your application. Size, class, tolerance, material and shape will be adapted to your wishes. Our range of special balancing weights include:

  • Special balancing weights for propeller shafts
  • Balancing weights optimized for cross shafts
  • Special balancing weights for fans on vehicles
  • Balancing weights designed for clutches

In cooperation with our customers we have already successfully developed individual solutions in the past. Perfection and the precise implementation of your wishes are the benchmarks for our custom-made products - German Engineering at WEGMANN automotive.

Special Balancing Weights – Avoid Imbalance

Imbalance is the reason for most of the damages to rotating machines: they are very common in fans, ventilators, pulleys or couplings. This is due to the enormous centrifugal forces of uneven mass distribution, generating high vibrations during rotation, which in turn have a negative effect on the entire structure of the machine. Seals, bearings and couplings can therefore wear prematurely. Extremely high wear can lead to permanent failure. You can proactively avoid scenarios like these by choosing special balancing weights made by WEGMANN automotive.

Special Balancing Weights – from the Global Market Leader

Highest precision for highest requirements: Even with special balancing weights our customers can rely on WEGMANN automotive as global market leader. We know how to apply our expertise as a manufacturer of balancing weights to individual requirements for special applications. Therefore, we apply the same accuracy as for standard weights. And we apply the same accuracy to this as to our standard weights. We turn mass production in perfection into individual production in perfection. WEGMANN automotive stands for German Engineering in the field of special balancing weights. Based on your needs, we develop your personal special balancing weights together with you. From development to final implementation, we are happy to cooperate closely with you. This ensures your specific requirements are met 100%. Your enthusiasm is our drive! Feel free to get in touch with us! It’s easily done by clicking here.