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WE MAKE THE SIMPLE. PERFECT. This sentence sums up everything that makes up the products and services of WEGMANN automotive. WEGMANN automotive's services are based on the claim to manufacture mass products in high quality for maximum safety and to offer the best customer service. And we come one step closer to this goal every day. With every further development. With every innovation. We are not satisfied with mediocrity. We always want to be a decisive step ahead. Our products reflect our WEGMANN automotive values and guarantee the highest quality standards in the industry. The lead of our WEGMANN automotive services is based on



With a production volume of more than 1 billion parts per year, we are the world market leader for balancing weights in passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and various industrial applications. As a Tier 1 supplier, we supply our WEGMANN automotive services and products to all well-known automobile manufacturers (OEM), leading spare parts trading organizations (AM) and the battery industry on the Americas, Europe and Asia. Production and distribution are ensured in Europe, America and Asia. Our product range includes the following WEGMANN automotive services:


An essential factor for our worldwide success is the quality of WEGMANN automotive services. We rely on integrated quality management in product development and production. In addition, we ensure compliance with globally fixed standards. For us, quality means that our customers are just as enthusiastic about our WEGMANN automotive services and products as we are.


Our continuing commitment was awarded with the FORD Q1 Award.


WEGMANN automotive was awarded with the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award (GM).


WEGMANN automotive is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, DIN ISO 14001 as well as DIN EN 50001.


WEGMANN automotive was awarded with the VOLVO Quality Excellence Award.




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